Airsoft Sniper Rifle Safety

It seems to be an all too common occurrence that shortly after a player gets a new Airsoft sniper rifle a strange and debilitating sickness comes over their mind and they begin to do stupid things.

These missteps in judgment include such things as shooting a friend at close range, shooting cats, dogs, or other small animals, or worse yet… riding around in cars and shooting at people or their property.

A point could be made that if you lack the maturity to handle a high-powered Airsoft sniper rifle properly, then you shouldn’t be allowed access to one. But as over 75% of all Airsoft players are under the age of 18, it is assumed that many will not heed this advice and many parents will not hold their children accountable for their actions. That being said, let’s go over some of the damage that can be caused by improperly handling and shooting Airsoft sniper rifles and the accompanying consequences.

First of all let’s restate the fact that air rifles, whether they be spring powered or gas powered, are usually the most powerful Airsoft guns that the average player will buy. They usually will shoot in excess of 400 FPS out-of-the-box and with basic modifications can quickly exceed 500 FPS.

Depending on the type of ammunition used, whether that be traditional Airsoft BBs or metal BBs, there impact can have serious consequences. These guns were fired in properly can easily take out someone’s eye causing temporary or permanent blindness, disfigurement, and lifelong pain and trauma.

Offenses against people in their persons is the chief safety issue at hand, if you’re caught shooting neighborhood animals because you think it’s funny you may find yourself on the other hand of the law. They are certain class of people who choose not to have children and instead raise pets. While it may seem nonsensical to you or me these pets end up becoming these peoples “children” and they are very defensive of them and will not let should indiscretion slide. They cannot tell the difference between a real gun and Airsoft sniper rifle, and they will consider you trying to kill their animals which will of course incite them to call the police.

So all this goes without saying that you should probably make it a priority to only shoot at people when involved in organized Airsoft sporting events when surrounded by other Airsoft players who know that you are not a threat as you march around carry your Airsoft sniper rifle. Never shoot anyone that doesn’t have eye protection on, and always use general common sense whatever your Airsoft gun is taken out of storage and you should be able to steer clear of embarrassing mistakes and actions that lead you with long-term regrets.

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